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Consumerism/Commercial Land

I love exploring contemporary social issues through art. Art gives us focus, bringing us face to face with ourselves and the culture that surrounds us. It focuses all of us to ask questions about our self and our relationships to others and this world. I think this has something to do with the stillness we experience while we create or look at art. That brief stillness allows us to attend to our thoughts that we feel in the chaos of our lives, unlocking our perspectives and opening our eyes and minds to new ways of interpreting this world. In many ways, we have become passive bystanders, viewers of a commercially generated culture. Through television and the Internet we take in vast amounts of information. We don't always do the best job filtering it. As artists, it is our role to be better interpreters of this culture, a story teller, and a truth teller. As an activist, my art is how I scream.

Open yourself! Allow some part, a memory, an image in this painting to embrace you. The panel tells the story of Commercial Land. The panels progressively reveal the commercial influences in today's world. Influences that send us all messages that say more is better, money equals happiness and consumption is the goal in life. While creating this piece of art, the gathering process will open your eyes allowing you to examine the premise of the cultural stories that have been handed down to you by commercial interests. I have come to realize that the reality that we live in far more polluted, and the temptations and clutter is much worse than the reality of my past. I believe that our biggest temptation is to do nothing at all.

Project Girl is an organization and a nationally touring exhibit that I co-founded with Jane Bartell. Project Girl is a youth-led initiative that combines art, media literacy and youth-led activism into a national project aimed at encouraging our children and teens to be better interpreters of this world.

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